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Spondula is a world-first online money account and payment app that empowers its customers with fast, reliable and real-time money solutions. By downloading the Spondula payment app to your smartphone device and signing up for a personal or business online money account, you can send, receive and store money around the world with ease.

As an international money transfer solution, Spondula makes it easier than ever to take control of your finances and thrive in our digital-first world, which is now more connected than ever before. Pay for goods and services in your hometown or overseas, transfer funds to business connections or family and friends while travelling, and receive payment in real-time.

Fast, affordable, secure, and innovative!

Sign up for a personal online money account in less than 15 minutes here.

Set up a business online money account and start trading worldwide on the same day.

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An All In One Online money Platform

Let’s take a look at what makes Spondula a global first as a payment app and online money solution.

Pay: International Money Transfer

Thanks to the rise of remote work, ease of international business and our reliance on e-commerce, there is a growing demand for international money transfers. Paying for goods or services overseas is now part of daily life, but traditional banks are still making this process complicated, confusing and expensive. Spondula aims to simplify international money transfers by introducing a smart payment app that allows customers to securely transfer funds abroad. Rather than face expensive fees and long delays, use the Spondula payment app to pay someone in a different country instantly. As long as both people have the Spondula payment app, money can be conveniently transferred from one online money account to another in real-time.

To pay for goods and services or to settle a bill, simply use the Spondula payment app. You can also shop online using your Spondula Visa card, or connect existing bank account cards from your regular bank, to your Spondula online money account and conveniently use Spondula with Apple pay and Google pay.

Spondula is now available in 63 countries. Should you need to pay someone in a country, not on our list, you still can using Swift message.


Spondula has been designed with a customer-first approach. Our payment app is easy to use and instantly transfers funds from one Spondula online money account holder to another. No more waiting around and checking your bank account while expecting funds to arrive from overseas. Since many people now work and trade on an international scale, our payment process also allows you to convert money received from abroad into your local currency. Perfect for freelancers, digital nomads and working while exploring the world!

Talking of travelling, should you need to send money overseas to a family member or relative, or send money back home while working in a different country, you now can thanks to Spondula. A fast, easy and cost-effective way to financially support loved ones and save up money while away from home.

Store: Secure Payment App

Spondula is available for personal money account needs as well as businesses that trade on a global scale. Since you can hold up to 37 currencies in your online money account, it is an ideal alternative to a traditional bricks and mortar bank. The Spondula payment app is also available in 10 languages, helping break down communication barriers when banking online.

Spondula takes security very seriously and works hard to protect its customers from online scams and cybercrime. Should you suspect suspicious activity in relation to your personal or business online money account, please contact our team immediately.

Unlock the power of Spondula by signing up for a personal or business money account today!

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Spondula For Personal Online Money Accounts

When you sign up for a personal Spondula online money account, you will benefit from;

✓ A fast and easy online sign-up process

✓ 100% free instant payment app that allows you to send money to other Spondula account holders

✓ Pay for goods and services instantly

✓ Enjoy the ability to exchange currencies with more competitive wholesale rates

✓ Hold up to 37 different currencies in your account

✓ Multi-currency card to pay for goods and services overseas

✓ A secure payment app available in 10 languages

Sign up in just 15 minutes now

Spondula For Business Clients

Spondula helps businesses pay, receive and store money on an international level with a fast and affordable alternative to traditional bricks and mortar banks.

✓ Open a business online money account within 24 hours

✓ Start trading overseas on the same day you sign-up

✓ Pay for goods and services abroad instantly

✓ Set up domestic and international payments in 37 currencies to over 180 countries

✓ Cash flow optimisation by receiving funds in real-time

✓ Hold up to 37 different currencies in your account

✓ Multi-currency card to pay for goods and services while overseas

✓ Access competitive wholesale rates for converting currency online

✓ A secure payment app available in 10 languages

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